Meet The Tutors

Before joining TBA, our tutors had busy careers many could only dream of. But it certainly doesn’t stop there. Each of them are still active and working in the performing arts business, meaning they bring with them current industry experience and knowledge which they’re pleased to pass directly onto you.

Daniel Wallage - Showtune - Union Theatre

Craig Turbyfield - Cats

Selena Hamilton - Guys & Dolls

Ross Carpenter - Car Man

Marcos White - Money Supermarket - TV Commercial

Mark Smith - Deaf Men Dancing

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The Singing Faculty
The Acting Faculty
Administration Team
The Physiotherapist Team
Photography & Videography Producers
Accomodation Team
Financial Advisor
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"I feel both honoured and privileged to be a part of helping insure all the students at TBA are fully equipped with all the knowledge, technique, attitude and etiquette they will ever need to succeed in achieving their ultimate dream of being part of this crazy business we call show. Every day it is an absolute pleasure to come to work in such a well-oiled, slick and professional environment. What the four fabulous principles have managed to create here is a truly unique and a meticulous approach to performing arts training.

Marcos White

Gymnastics / Body Con Tutor

"I adore teaching at The Brighton Academy because of the dedicated students and the warm and friendly staff."

Genevieve Lorenzo Martin


"Passion, commitment, care and an unrelenting desire to see the students succeed in the industry sets TBA apart. I’m proud to teach at a college that teaches not only all aspects of the arts - but also how to live and manage their life through their careers."

Dean Kilford


"The Brighton Academy’s specifically designed courses are second to none and provide the students with a thorough, industry leading training. TBA is an outstanding example of excellence in an ever changing industry that demands competitively higher standards."

Bobby Delaney


"The Brighton Academy intakes and produces some wonderful students, renowned for their work ethic as well as for their team spirit and unity."

Joshua Plummer


"I love my TBA students. They are enthusiastic and good natured. It’s a very supportive environment for both teaching and learning."

Kay Shepherd


"The students are responsive, hard working, respectful and a joy to teach."

Ross Carpenter


Our Partners & Sponsors

Thanks to our wonderful partners and sponsors for supporting us, if you’re interested in working with TBA please get in touch.