Joel O'Donoghue

Contemporary / Physical Theatre

Joel has worked as a performer for a range of internationally renowned companies such as Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal, Luca Silvistrini's Protein, Ben Wright's BGROUP, and Hagit Yakira Dance. He specialises in techniques such as release, contact, improvisation, flying-low, and physical theatre.

As a choreographer Joel has performed his own work at a variety of established venues both in the UK and abroad, such as Sadler's Wells Lillian Baylis Studio, The Place, Tramway, and L'Escaut (Brussels). Joel was also commissioned to create a dance film work for Ballet Boyz in January 2020, which was premiered in March 2021 as part of an online festival celebrating the life of Sir Ken Robinson. Joel has received Arts Council funding over the last four years consecutively for the research and development, rehearsals and touring for the trilogy of works, Anatomy Park.

Joel received a Distinction in Performance Design and Practice, at UAL in 2016. He has since used these skills to design, source and construct set and costume for both his own work and other peoples.

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