Functional Health


Hi, I’m John Collins, and I combine experience in conventional medicine as a Pharmacist with Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Functional Medicine.

If you are experiencing ongoing chronic health issues that are incompletely addressed by conventional medical interventions, a Functional Medicine approach can help.

Functional medicine is based on the idea that chronic health problems come about due to many factors, not just one. These problems do not develop overnight, but over time as the body struggles to deal with multiple imbalances. Looking into these complex root causes is at the heart of the functional approach to improving your health.

Some of the health problems that improve with this approach are gut issues, autoimmune diseases, cardio-metabolic problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol and unexplained fatigue.

I look at your health timeline over your life and concentrate on improving your nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress reduction, and sleep. These are often considered the pillars of good health and gradual improvement in all of them brings about better overall health.

This big-picture view is sometimes likened to a tree, where we look at everything from the roots right up to the smallest leaves – and not just one branch.

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