Dance For Commercial Performance BA (Hons)

Undergraduate degree / 3 Years / Full-time

This programme is for professional dancers who can choreograph their own work and work creatively with 21st century choreographers. The course helps you to develop the ability to work in companies and be adaptable to different styles and methods of working.

The focus is on being a reflective dance practitioner, who appreciates the nature and potential of dance as an art form. The programme explores the opportunities for dancers to make significant contributions in the world of work and professional practice.


What you will study on this course

Level 4 introduces key dance practitioners and rehearsal processes appropriate for the musical theatre and commercial dance market. You develop a strong foundation of technique across (but not limited to) Ballet, Jazz Dance and Tap. You also develop singing, acting and choreography skills. You explore current performance trends for working effectively within the dance industry and we initiate the academic principles of practice as research, analysis and critique at this level. 

Ballet Techniques 1

Jazz Dance 1

Dance Skills 1

The Dancers Body 1

Performance and Creative Practice 1 

Commercial Dance Technique (Theory and Practice) 1

Level 5 builds your knowledge of technique, genre and styles of dance. As a dance artist you develop an understanding and application of a range of choreographic approaches and performance techniques to make meaningful and imaginative work. Critical theory develops your academic and cognitive skills. In addition to ongoing technical classes, and in preparation for level 6, performance projects, partner work, contact and improvisation expand your skills as a versatile dance artist. 

Ballet  Techniques 2

Jazz Dance 2

Dance Skills 2

Performance and Creative Practice 2

Professional Reflective Practice

Commercial Dance Technique (Theory and Practice) 2

Your final year, level 6, hones the skills and knowledge that you have developed during Level 5 and applies it to a range of production scenarios that mirror the professional ‘West End’ market. Strategically selected projects and public performances throughout the year, with industry specialists in public venues, encourage professional working relationships and networking skills vital for future employment. 

Dance Independent Study

The Professional Dancer

Professional Dance Projects

What you'll learn


Professional preparation includes advanced skills training, inviting practitioners and graduates to share their knowledge and experience of the workplace. Your professional training is complemented by advice on developing an online presence and portfolio. At its core of this programme focuses on rigorous technical training. This includes workshops and productions led by external professionals, who develop your creative skills so that you are ready to enter the professional/commercial sector. Within this context you will become an independent thinker, a self-motivated artist and a freelance practitioner. 

How will I be assessed?

Assessment tasks could take the form of:
• Public performances
• In-class performances of devised or published work
• Oral presentations
• Critical reflection
• Working as part of an ensemble
• Individual and group research projects.

How will I be taught?

You’ll be taught through a range of activities including lectures, workshops, seminars, skills classes, rehearsals, tutorials, theatre visits and theatre productions.

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Course Information

Tution fees

£9,250 (Per Year)

Even though TBA is dedicated to one of the cheapest full-time courses in the country, there are sources of funding available to help with the financial burden whilst training.

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Entry requirements

A minimum of CDD at A Level, or a BTEC Extended Diploma at MMP, or equivalent, preferably in a related area.

Applications from those studying two A Levels or alternative Level 3 qualifications will be considered on an alternative basis.

Applicants are also required to attend an audition.

Applicants should be aged 15 and over.

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We have various scholarship opportunities in partnership with festivals.

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This course is delivered in partnership with Bath Spa University

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