Performing Arts BA (HONS)

BA (Hons) Performing Arts trains you to be a versatile, imaginative and employable performer. Its embodied approach develops graduates, adept at working in a variety of genres across the classical and contemporary repertoires at the forefront of industry. It prepares you for the option of postgraduate study. This challenging programme requires considerable stamina and continued application

What You Will Study

Level 4 introduces the key practitioners and processes that underpin performer training. You develop devising, movement, vocal and acting skills for working effectively as members of an ensemble and as a solo performer. We initiate the principles of academic approaches of practice as research, analysis, and critique at this level.

Level 5 builds your knowledge of interpretation, analysis and text performance. As a performer/actor/creator you develop an understanding and application of a range of theatrical approaches, practitioners and dramaturgical choices to make meaningful and imaginative work. Critical theory develops your academic and cognitive skills and ongoing technical classes, acting for camera, solo performance training, expand your skills in preparation for level 6.

Level 6 is your professional practice year. You engage in professional projects, in which you collaborate with peers, industry practitioners and professional venues. You learn about professional and commercial practice, acquiring the skills to be self-starting entrepreneurial performance practitioners. You also hone your skills and knowledge for a range of employment scenarios.

Performances take place throughout the year in public venues, encouraging professional working relationships and networking skills vital for future employment. Professional preparation includes invited practitioners and graduates sharing their knowledge and experience of the workplace. Advice on developing an online presence, including the application of social media, complements your professional training.

At the heart of this Performing Arts programme are the essential practical and creative skills and rigorous theoretical enquiry that prepare you to become independent thinkers, self-motivated artists and freelance practitioners.

Year 1:
• Singing for the Performer 1 (20 Credits) – This module has a practical focus and is based primarily in singing technique and application of singing skills. Classes will include choral and ensemble singing, individual singing tutorials, singing technique as well as repertoire classes.
• Acting 1 (20 credits) – This module encourages you to establish and develop a personal acting process that responds to a variety of professional working scenarios. The focus is on equipping you with a series of tools and strategies to commensurate with an acting career.
• Voice 1 (20 credits) – Feeling the Voice, Freeing the Voice. The focus for the Voice programme throughout the first year is the student’s own voice. Paying attention to relaxation & alignment, kinesthetic awareness, identifying habits, breath, support, phonation, resonance, centering, range and articulation.
• Movement 1 (20 credits) – This module asks you to explore and develop your skills in the medium of movement. This will include several dance styles and classes within the genre of physical theatre creating a strong foundation of technique in dance, to prepare you for an accelerated difficulty level in the following years.
• Ensemble Performance (20 credits) – This module recognises that by working together on a variety of performances, you develop your underlying skills and knowledge. Concurrently, you develop a broader appreciation of your own discipline and the importance of working as a team.
• Performing Arts in Context 1 (20 credits) – This module focuses on contextualising and therefore supporting the practical work created in other classes. You will learn professional conduct that supports the notion that talent will get you a job, but reputation will give you a career.
Year 2: 
• Singing for the Performer 2 (20 Credits) – This module is based primarily in singing technique whilst simultaneously developing your storytelling and performance skills. Additionally, students will complete an individual repertoire folder of material that is suitable for their cast ability and vocal range.
• Acting 2 (20 credits) – This module will increase the depth of your emotional range by introducing a new range of material from contrasting genres. This will be achieved by the exploration of a selection of seminal writers and acting for television and film.
• Voice 2 (20 credits) – Continuing to work kinaesthetically, you will work towards developing a supported, balanced, free and versatile voice. Work on selected texts will help focus and reinforce the physical process and support accent work.
• Movement 2 (20 credits) – This module primarily continues the work completed in level 4 but at a harder attainment level. It asks you to continue to explore and develop your technical skills with an additional focus on performance and storytelling. The module will continue to develop foundations of dance and physical theatre techniques whilst simultaneously focusing on the performance aspect of the genre.
• Ensemble Performance 2 (20 credits) – This module recognises that by working together on a variety of performances, you further develop your underlying skills and knowledge. Concurrently, you develop a broader appreciation of your own discipline and the importance of working as a team. Over the course of the module you rehearse, perform and analyse each performance. The process relies entirely on collaboration, with each group of students depending upon their interaction with other practitioners to produce a high-quality product.
• Performing Arts in Context 2 (20 credits) – Performing Arts in Context 2 gives the student the opportunity to improve on writing skills and research techniques, and fosters a further understanding of historical and contemporary approaches to criticism. The Professional Application section evolves to a focus on skills that are essential to all performers. There are also programmes in social media etiquette and swing training.

Year 3:
• Musical Theatre Independent Study (20 credits) – This module focuses on the development of a complex idea or argument. It emphasises how to select the best means of investigating an idea and results in a significant artefact that expresses a sustained argument or creative vision.
• The Professional Musical Theatre Performer (40 credits) – This module continues to develop and secure your technical skills through singing, dancing and acting classes and workshops. This module commences with the development of key skills (acting, singing and dancing) whilst simultaneously beginning the initial formative stage of developing a portfolio of solo performances in a variety of genres. The materials chosen should aide in acquiring professional representation and/ or employment.
• Professional Musical Theatre Projects (60 credits) – This module combines the technical and performance skills developed at levels 4 & 5 develops them through three performances across a variety of genres. The production environment tests your ability to work collaboratively by connecting your work as a performer with other production elements. These collaborative projects require you to work at industry standard and within professional recognised timeframes.



A minimum of CDD at A Level, or a BTEC Extended Diploma at MMP, or equivalent, preferably in a related area.

Applications from those studying two A Levels or alternative Level 3 qualifications will be considered on an alternative basis.

Applicants are also required to attend an audition.

Applicants should be aged 15 and over.

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