Musical Theatre BA (HONS)

Musical Theatre trains you to be a versatile, imaginative and employable performer. Its embodied approach develops graduates who are adept at working in a variety of genres across the highest levels of the Musical Theatre industry, as well as preparing you for postgraduate study. Training in acting, singing and dancing are delivered with equal weighting, with the highest possible standards expected from our students in every discipline.

What You Will Study

Level 4 introduces students to essential core skills and is embedded primarily in technical training. We develop dance, movement, vocal, singing and acting skills both as individuals and as members of an ensemble. The principles of academic writing: research, analysis, and critique are initiated at this level.

Level 5 builds on previously acquired knowledge and aims to introduce elements of interpretation, analysis and performance as a soloist and within an ensemble. We develop your skills and understanding of all the techniques and approaches required to work within the Musical Theatre industry. You collaborate with industry professionals and peers in a range of different workshops and performance opportunities.

Level 6 focuses on performance and hones and combines the skills and knowledge previously learnt to create an employable and successful performer. Strategically selected projects and public performances encourage professional working relationships and the entrepreneurial capability vital for future employment. You also collaborate with a range of industry specialists.

Professional preparation includes invited practitioners and graduates sharing their knowledge and experience of the workplace. Your professional training is complemented by advice on developing your own unique product.

At the heart of this Musical Theatre programme are the essential practical and creative skills and rigorous theoretical enquiry that prepare you to become independent thinkers, self-motivated artists and freelance practitioners.

Year 1:
• Musical Theatre Singing 1 (20 Credits) – This practical module focuses on the application of singing technique to the interpretation of repertoire. From this technical base you develop your creative processes by considering essential repertoire for your voice type and considering how to apply your technique to that repertoire to realise creative and musically intelligent interpretations of that material.
• Acting and Voice 1 (20 credits) – This module draws on the work of many practitioners whose work and techniques reflect the demands of the current acting profession. You will explore how to breakdown text and scenes, create characters and remain in the moment of action. The focus is on equipping you with a series of tools and strategies to draw upon within a Musical Theatre career.
• Personal Development (20 credits) – The module draws together a series of elements that you require to underpin your practical training. The Performers’ Body focuses on anatomy, nutrition, body conditioning. Professional Application explores notions of professional conduct. This includes but is not limited to preparation, being a good cast member and the pitfalls of poor conduct and its possible ramifications. You begin to explore your professional profile this includes a detailed overview of safe use of social media and self-promotional tools.
• Musical Theatre Dance Technique and History (60 credits) – This module develops strong dance techniques and knowledge of appropriate safe practice and dance vocabulary across a range of dance genres and styles. Simultaneously it explores the socio-historical and cultural underpinnings of various Musical Theatre genres. This module explores the foundations of Ballet, Jazz, Commercial, Contemporary and Tap Dance and partnering techniques. It is structured to reflect level and ability.
Year 2: 
• Musical Theatre Singing 2 (20 Credits) – This practical module focuses on singing techniques and the application of those skills. Looking at practical and theoretical approaches to song interpretation within the context of different kinds of shows. You develop your critical analysis of materials in line with your technical advancement. You integrate these techniques, skills and repertoire knowledge in a more practical context and introduce a performance element to your skillset.
• Acting and Voice 2 (20 credits) – Continuing your development as a versatile performer, able to adjust to and withstand the fluctuations and changing fashions inherent in the professional theatre, TV and film industries, this module observes twenty-first century mores, media and technology, but is rooted in the tried and tested. It explores emotional truth, psychological complexity, physical expression of the imagination and imagined states. It does this through acting processes and vocal techniques aiming to bring the two ever-closer together.
• Musical Theatre Performance Processes (40 credits) – This module allows you to integrate all three disciplines within the Musical Theatre genre in a practical and performance-based setting. You function as an active member of the company and contribute to the research and rehearsal processes as well as working on individual roles. By working together on a variety of performance events, you further develop your underlying skills and knowledge.

• Musical Theatre Dance Skills 2 (40 credits) – This practical module continues the focus on the emphasis on frequent repetition and practice established at level 4. The module builds upon existing dance techniques, including – but not restricted to – Ballet, Jazz and Tap dance. Classes reflect your level and ability and additional appropriate industry-led classes consider your individual career projection.

Year 3: 
• Musical Theatre Independent Study (20 credits) – This module focuses on the development of a complex idea or argument. It emphasises how to select the best means of investigating an idea and results in a significant artefact that expresses a sustained argument or creative vision.
• The Professional Musical Theatre Performer (40 credits) – This module continues to develop and secure your technical skills through singing, dancing and acting classes and workshops. This module commences with the development of key skills (acting, singing and dancing) whilst simultaneously beginning the initial formative stage of developing a portfolio of solo performances in a variety of genres. The materials chosen should aide in acquiring professional representation and/ or employment.
• Professional Musical Theatre Projects (60 credits) – This module combines the technical and performance skills developed at levels 4 & 5 develops them through three performances across a variety of genres. The production environment tests your ability to work collaboratively by connecting your work as a performer with other production elements. These collaborative projects require you to work at industry standard and within professional recognised timeframes.



A minimum of CDD at A Level, or a BTEC Extended Diploma at MMP, or equivalent, preferably in a related area.

Applications from those studying two A Levels or alternative Level 3 qualifications will be considered on an alternative basis.

Applicants are also required to attend an audition.

Applicants should be aged 15 and over.

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